Three library renovations to design innovative teen spaces

Project Details

In 2014 the Chicago Public Library (CPL) commissioned IDEA to design three innovative teen spaces loosely based on the successful YOUMedia prototype installed in the Harold Washington Library Center. These outposts, in two regional libraries (Woodson and Sulzer) and one branch (Legler), were envisioned to provide safe spaces of active engagement and collaborative creation and learning in their communities for middle school and high school students. In addition to comfortable lounge seating, movable stools, a maker station table, and dry-erase wall surfaces, each installation featured a particular program focus (at Woodson, a recording and sound editing studio; at Sulzer, a video production center with a green screen wall; and at Legler, a 3-D printer and crafts center). The project funding was extremely limited, resulting in judicious expenditure of the budget on minimal enhancement of existing finishes. Careful employment of color is evident throughout all three installations, providing an updated and sophisticated creative environment and avoiding juvenile or overly-themed schemes that would quickly appear dated. A demountable partition system (by KI) was employed at Sulzer and Woodson to provide enclosure on the open library floor for the new spaces.


Minimal budget.