New corporate sales, engineering and test center in Michigan

Project Details

This new campus project for a Japanese electrical connector manufacturer, located just west of Detroit, will include five primary buildings and several secondary structures.  Interactive Design is the Architect of Record in association with the design Architect Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects (RAA) from Osaka, Japan. The facility will include sales, engineering, testing laboratory, support and multi function buildings along with connecting links and a tree nest structure. All are envisioned to be built in dimensional lumber utilizing a mixture of traditional Japanese architecture and modern forms. The campus is designed to be integrated into the existing forest and topography that currently exists.  Wetlands that flank the property and old growth trees locations are integral to the campus layout and inspirational to the architectural response to the site. The campus construction is planned to be completed in 2020.


Design seeks to minimize the building and parking area footprint on the existing woodlands.  Land banking will accommodate code required parking that exceeds the practical needs of the facility to retain the maximum land features.