The first-of-its-kind. A blast-hardened, double-wall facade overclad of the mid-century A.J. Celebrezze Federal Building. The appearance is artfully transformed as a result, while retaining the essential Mid-century Modern facade rhythms.

Project Details

This design of a new facade to completely re-clad an existing highrise addresses both Federal blast-resistance guidelines and dramatically improves thermal performance. This project in Cleveland is the first known highrise retrofit double wall application. The existing 1967 stainless steel and glass skin was stabilized as the inner component wall and expressed as the visible structure of the newly applied transparent skin. This strategy assisted a design methodology of integration and adaption of changing criteria and needs to an existing building. Design sensitivity to the original design aesthetic was a mandate throughout the extensive design process. This project is a unique case study in a substantial renovation of a fully-occupied highrise building. The double wall configuration limited disruptions during construction by avoiding total tenant relocation for high security tenants.