Joseph P. Kinneary U.S. Courthouse Façade Restoration

IDEA was commissioned by the General Services Administration (GSA) to coordinate a comprehensive condition survey of the sandstone facades of the Kinneary Courthouse which involved detailed scaffold drops and documentary photography of deteriorated surfaces. This survey formed the basis documenting the restoration strategy for the courthouse facade. Included were extensive repair and replacement of portions of the deteriorating exterior facade (stone repair, replacement with cast stone, flashing repair, tuckpointing, and cleaning) and energy efficiency upgrades of the building windows.


Over time the original sandstone facades had incurred serious moisture-related issues resulting in periodic ad hoc repairs. The restoration project included removal of the upper cornice and replacement with a cast stone system designed to match the original profiles with bedding lines and color range replicating the original sandstone. The development of these systems was on a custom basis with a manufacturer that was interested in avoiding the monolithic look of cast stone and also being able to develop a product that had believable material color striations that was indistinguishable from the sandstone left in place on the building below.