National Marketing Office

IDEA was awarded the commission by the General Services Administration (GSA) to design a vibrant, attractive and innovative new marketing office for a Federal agency that was seeking to refresh and update its public relations and marketing efforts. The design concept for the new space is to present a bright, open, high tech environment with an emphasis on flexibility for reconfiguration without significant renovation disruption. A variety of office and workplace options are provided, with maximum exposure of the building interior to natural light from the perimeter windows. Integral to the design is the inclusion of different interaction zones to enable collaboration as well as private work, with double occupant “phone booths” to allow confidential conversations.

Additional program components within the 11,000 SF area include a large fully-equipped kitchen with seating for informal meeting over lunch; private showers; wellness rooms for nursing mothers; info kiosks with fully integrated IT as well as large screen monitors distributed throughout the space for collaborative use; and a small production room for in-house video and audio production.