William C. Goudy Technology Academy

The William C. Goudy Elementary School is located on the north side of Chicago, and had been filled beyond capacity for several years. As part of the Chicago Public Schools capital improvement program, Goudy received funding for a major building addition.

The addition was designed contextually with the original 1920’s structure. The new 44,600 SF addition was constructed while the existing school was fully occupied. The addition’s second and third levels align with the same floors of the existing school; the first floor was placed at grade level to allow for a fully accessible entrance for students and visitors. In addition, an elevator was provided in the addition to proved access to all levels. The new building houses a large multi-purpose room, a resource center, a computer center, and new classrooms. The kitchen and servery functions were also relocated into the addition. All classrooms now have computer and cable TV access. The statue of the cougar (the school’s mascot) that is perched on the parapet of the addition was commissioned by the alderman of the ward in which the school is located.